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Don't Fall into the Fitness Trap

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There was a time years ago, that I fell into this trap. I saw somebody on social media who looked how I wanted to look. I think we can all relate. I wanted to know exactly what he did - workouts, nutrition, supplements, everything - so I could do it too.

I tried to copy this persons workouts and nutrition philosophy, but the results just were not the same. Because I live in a different body than he does, our genetics are totally different. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but your genetics will dictate how you look to a degree. Glute expert Bret Contrares has a good chapter in his book "The Glute Lab" on how you can train perfectly and have the perfect diet and look the best you're going to look, but you can't change your genetics.

You can't change your genetics.

I learned quickly through my own experiments and training clients that results are highly individual. Although most of us need similar things when it comes to training/diet, our own interests, fitness levels and commitment to our goals will create slight changes in our needs.

The reality is we're all built differently. Our muscle fiber composition, metabolism, and metal state are all different. Our caloric needs are different. So, falling into a one size fits all diet plan is setting yourself up for failure. Stop thinking keto, paleo, or low carb. Instead, think "is this sustainable?" and "can I do this forever?"

Falling into a one size fits all diet plan is setting yourself up for failure.

And worse now is that there are SO MANY PEOPLE online and social media selling nutrition and fitness programs who have absolutely no business doing so!

I must have seen hundreds of times over the past year post a photo of themselves with the caption that reads "want to know what I've been doing? Comment below and show you my super secret meal/workout plan." And to be honest, I've fallen into that too. Both as a trainer trying to get clients, and as a guy wanting to look better.

But here's the truth. You don't need:

*Their meal plan

*Their workout routine

*Their supplements

This may sound strange coming from someone who makes a living on the above items. But the more I refine my coaching skills, the more I come to realize that those are just quick fixes, a temporary band aid to a bigger problem (hence the 95% failure rate when it comes to SUSTAINED weight loss).

There's a 95% failure rate when it comes to SUSTAINED weight loss!

I have over the years developed a 5 step system to make real meaningful changes to daily habits for both fitness and nutrition.

Here is what you need in 5 steps:

  1. A crystal clear goal - what EXACTLY do you want? Be super specific.

  2. REASONS why - you're not buying into a meal plan for the sake of the meal plan. What's your big MOTIVATOR?

  3. You must take MASSIVE action - that's right - dabblers need not apply. If you give your weight loss/ nutrition/ fitness efforts the "dabbler" efforts, you'll only get mediocre results.

  4. You must assess your results - how are you measuring progress? Through weight and body fat percent? Strength and endurance tests? Blood tests?

  5. Change your approach - if what you're doing isn't giving the results you want. And continue to change and refine your approach until it gives you the results you want.

All of the above only happens with serious commitment. When you've made up your mind that you are changing. We change when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the discomfort of change, and only then. So let me ask you...

What can you use in your life as LEVERAGE to facilitate change?

*Are you suddenly in physical pain due to your weight, nutrition, or lack of strength?

*Have you gotten a warning from your doctor about your health?

*Do you have a new grandchild that you've decided you'd like to be around longer for?

Look. The reality is you're smart enough to know whether carrots or potato chips are better for you. To quote strength coach Dan John, "eat like an adult." You know that stopping at 80-90% full is better than eating until your so stuffed you can't move. You know that drinking water is better than drinking soda.

So my suggestion is that you STOP looking for motivation and make the decision that you are ready, willing, and able to change. Because everything is a decision. And we can decide to change or not. Either is okay. You don't have to change anything. But understand that the outcome follows your choice.

So my suggestion is that you STOP looking for motivation and make the decision that you are ready, willing, and able to change.

Is there value in working with an online personal trainer, using meal plans, and some supplements? ABSOLUTELY! I do a lot of this personally, and I've helped dozens of people change their lives by doing this. BUT - if it's a short term, band aid solution, you need to refocus on the 5 steps outlined above. Because until you connect your changes in nutrition and fitness to a bigger goal with a powerful why, those changes will always be fleeting at best.

My clients have found that they have tried it on their own, and they start to get caught in the fitness trap chasing the wrong goals and process. I'm here to help you to Stop idolizing images you see online and instead help you focus on the process, and the the WHY behind your goals. Let's Get clear on what you want, find the leverage to change, and take massive action until you get to where you want to be, continuously assessing and tweaking along the way.

I hope this gave you some powerful things to think about. Have you fallen into the trap that I and so many others have? What are you committed to for 2020?

If you're ready to change your life and your body, contact Kyle now so he can make a plan that fits your busy life and budget.

Stay in touch through my email list and Facebook Page!

Kyle Cook, M.S.


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