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Semi-Private Training

Train with Kyle is proud to offer a fun and effective approach to Semi-Private Training.

Online or In-Person Training 

By signing up for Semi-Private Training you get:

  • Weekly Semi-Private Training sessions

  • Customized nutrition plan that includes

    • Realistic diet plan

    • Coaching to make good nutrition work for your lifestyle

    • Delicious Sample meal plan

  • Healthy Habits that last a lifetime

  • Weekly accountability

  • In person and email support


The Train with Kyle Semi-Private Training allows you to work with an expert trainer without breaking the bank. Semi-Private Training is designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals and build accountability with a small community of like-minded individuals.


Are you bored with your current workout program? Have you been struggling to lose weight and get stronger on your own? It can be hard to stick with a new fitness routine without proper guidance and accountability. With the Train with Kyle Semi-Private Training, you get to workout under the guidance of a personal trainer – no more guessing if your form is right or if you’re doing the correct exercises.


These workouts are manageable and specific to your goals. You’ll be able to workout at your fitness level and progress safely as you get stronger and fitter.

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