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Hello! I'm Kyle

I am a personal trainer, Master of Kinesiology, and lifestyle fitness coach who has a deep passion for fitness improvement and how it transforms the individual.


Fitness and nutrition has always peaked my interest. Growing up as a smaller, skinnier kid, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about working out. Not only did my body change by building muscle and getting stronger, but my mental health and self-confidence grew as well. Now I pursue health and fitness full time. 

In high school I played football and learned the value of community when it comes to consistency and motivation. In my early days of college, where I started studying kinesiology, I connected with nature through taking up outdoor rock climbing. My workouts were shaped to improve my climbing skills and performance. This is when I began to understand how to enjoy the process of activity and transformation, my self-image and love for the journey was now a reality.

I joined a Brazilian Jujitsu school where I progressed through a few belts and participated in competition. My personal workout programming began to transform again to aid my performance on the mat. Today, I now participate in the Crossfit open, and diligently work to improve my max strength and over all conditioning. 

Heavy Weights

Kyle Cook, M.S.

In my studies in higher education I obtained my Masters of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Science. My thesis took a deeper look at multi-joint and single-joint exercises and it's effects on muscle thickness and performance. 


I’m passionate about health and fitness.


I geek out on fitness documentaries, buy way to many books on fitness and subscribe to more exercise podcasts than I can listen to.  I love Crossfit, kettlebells, Olympic lifting and power lifting.  I love to cook, and think that the quality of the food you eat is important to optimizing health and results.


That being said, I do love a good steak, but I support your own personal food choices. I’m a Christian, and am married to the most wonderful, amazing, supportive wife in the galaxy. Together we play a ton on video games (xbox & playstation) and board games. I also like camping, hiking, and being outdoorsy. My wife and I do full cosplay at ComicCon and watch anime.


I believe in finding joy in the journey. I’m ready to help YOU start on your own fitness journey.


if you have tried to make improvements to your fitness before and it just didn't stick... I am here for you. It's time to get lasting results, if you're ready to get serious about your health and fitness click the button below:

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