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The Train with Kyle Online Program Details

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

For anyone who is interested in what the Train with Kyle Online Program entails, I'm going to give a more detailed explanation of it and why it's set up the way it is.

The Train with Kyle Online Program is a monthly program that cycles through 4 week training "phases." These training phases emphasize a specific aspect of fitness, with the goal of improving that aspect of fitness over the month. This allows you to experience growth in all areas of fitness, help set new short term goals on a regular basis, allow for personal bests to be set regularly in the gym which will show your improvement and drive motivation to train, and maximize your fitness results by not leaving anything out.

The main training phases that will be cycled through are: muscular endurance, muscle development (hypertrophy), max strength, and power.

Through these phases you will gain strength and endurance, you will build muscle, and you will decrease body fat. I don't specifically program a "fat lose" phase, because when you focus on what your body can do - by making your body stronger, fitter, and building muscle - you WILL lose body fat as a result.

Because of the cyclical nature of the program, the training weeks will look slightly different from month to month, but the general structure will be a 6 day training split, working each muscle group 2-3 times a week, with some days of optional cardio sessions.

For example, a muscle development (hypertrophy) phase of the Train with Kyle Online Program for Men would look like this:

Monday - Upper Body A: Chest & Back

Tuesday - Lower Body A + Core

Wednesday - Optional Cardio Intervals

Thursday - Upper Body B: Deltoid, Bicep & Tricep

Friday - Lower Body B + Core

Saturday - Optional Cardio Intervals

Sunday - Rest Day

Although the training phase of each month will be different, they share similarities that are

necessary in order to be consistent with the long term goal of the program, and to make sure the program adheres to scientific principles in order for it to be successful.

  • Training frequency - how often each muscle group is trained will be different depending on the phase, but expect to work each muscle group 2-3 times a week. You need to train each muscle group frequently throughout the week in order to see progress; 1 day of chest or glute training a week is not enough!

  • Multi joint compound exercises - the majority of the program will consist of multi joint compound lifts. These types of lifts activate more total muscle and allow you to lift heavier. There will also be some single joint exercises in the program as well, but these will be used less frequently and with a purpose in mind such as increasing the mind to muscle connection or creating more training volume to a specific muscle group.

  • Consistency/Repetition - Many of the exercises from each training phase will be similar, or some variation of the main lift. Variation for the sake of variation is unproductive - this program chooses the exercises carefully. The best exercise for the job! The main difference will be in the sets, reps, intensity and intention of the exercise.

  • Progression - each workout is designed to make you stronger and fitter so that you can push yourself and do more the next time you train. The program will call for you to add more weight or do more sets/reps from week to week and sometimes from session to session. Any program that doesn't require you to push harder and get better each week is not designed for optimal results.

  • Accountability - you will be in charge of tracking your workouts using the Train with Kyle Trainerize app. This will help you keep track of the weights you used last workout to ensure you're using the right weight today. Keeping track of your workouts this way will ensure you are pushing harder with each workout - as well as celebrate when you set a new personal record! In addition, I'll be able to see your workouts to monitor your progress and give help when needed.

  • Support - You'll be able to contact me directly via the app to ask for help with an exercise or workout plan, as well as healthy habits and nutrition. You can also reach me via the private Train with Kyle Facebook group, where you'll also receive support from others who are doing the program.

  • Guaranteed Nutrition Success - when you sign up for the Train with Kyle Program you and I will set up a phone meeting to discuss your long term fitness goals and come up with a plan. This will include goal setting, planning, healthy habit formation, and nutritional guidance. We will create a plan that you can follow, one that fits your unique lifestyle, and one that will help you reach your goals without all the headache.

  • Affordable Pricing - in order to reach the most people possible, the Train with Kyle Online Program is set at an affordable $19.95 per month. You can start the program with a risk free 7 day trial, and cancel anytime.

"He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless."

-Isaiah 40:29

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